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RPG-Girls Commuinty

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21st November 2006

tibek9:04pm: website?!

So Krista made a comment on my newest LJ entry and it got me thinking! I have a love of trying to design and build websites so, why not! I could totally design and build a RPG-Girls website. :) Everything RPG-Girls can go there including the stories and art and flash sites and everything. And we can have a little section of our own showing off our stuff, designed like bedrooms and everything, just like Krista suggested. :) Pluuuus, hosting with Gab and my webhost is only $5 a month and getting a rocking site name (like rpggirlsonline.com) from godaddy would only be about $9 a year. ^_^ It would also be a big favor for me so I can practice my design and coding skillz. ;P

So, what do you guys think?

7th February 2005

kittykatie10:21pm: group shot

4th February 2005

kittykatie6:57pm: Group Art
Current Mood: artistic

23rd January 2005

kittykatie4:03pm: I"m back
Yes, frea coward, rpg-girl art will be posted here to. Mahahahahaha..ha.
Current Mood: amused

3rd March 2004

solobutterfly6:13pm: Big Announcement
I'll take my liberties as a poster of this board to announce that RPG-Girls has a new home!



Be careful though, bandwith goes quickly...

So tip you hat to kittykatie for getting the comic available again!
Current Mood: amused

14th December 2003

kittykatie12:05pm: Nothing coming. There is the news. they have all died. ^_^ Should do some art. If so, will be posted on DeavinArt because I have no page.

15th November 2003

funny_bunny8:03pm: Shit I've been gone for along time. Nothing really life changing has been going on just the same crap only on a different day.
Current Mood: anxious

7th August 2003

kittykatie11:44am: The site will be down for some time. Gabfury and tibek is taking over the webmistress part right now. I do have comics in the works, just need to outline and then send to Gab. ^_^

26th June 2003

kittykatie9:37pm: $130 to keep the RPG-Girls. Ok, going to have to drop it with so many other things and its going to be a pain becaus ei have to call up the server to kill the account. Stupid, life sucks.

14th June 2003

kittykatie10:26am: Well, the comic is all done but I really ned someone to prof read it because its longer worded then usall. Yes, Krista, its your comic.

12th June 2003

kittykatie5:15pm: Ya, more images
The Other Part
kittykatie11:36am: Opps.
Well, I was finaly aporved for pokemorph and forgot I had the comic to do. So I have done it just now. *in wet hair and all* Taken to exedrin and feel ok now. Wow, I'll have to take these more when I'm in this kind of pain. Also has give me an edgy kind of awakeness. But, yes the comic is done. Not the greatest looking one but I love the joke.

8th June 2003

kittykatie9:48pm: Three comics next week, tuesday, thuresday and Saturday, if all goes well. Wish me luck.

2nd June 2003

kittykatie10:44am: Down time, just for an half hour things will not work right on the web site. Thanks.

25th May 2003

solobutterfly5:21pm: waiting
Katie has quit work. She can now work on comic. Waiting for it. Impatiently. Forgot to mention but I had a dream about the comic. o.O; saw the new site and new style. freaky. can't remember the comic strip to well. Just know that it was me and Krista talking. Can't wait to see all the comics Katie!

17th May 2003

kittykatie10:08pm: working on new colors and images for site. It might be messed up for a few hours but I'll tell you the day and time when in will ahppen...or maybe not. ;P

30th April 2003

kittykatie3:01pm: The Bill
I got my bill for my domain name. That is only the name. I have to think about the server coast too. And it just hasn't been as fun as I have wanted to be so I am thinking of taking it down unless I have enought people you want it up. I mean a lot. Becasue the sit it self I think looks like crap and I just... well, vote of hands who wants me to keep it up.

13th April 2003

solobutterfly8:30pm: Way to go Katie! The next comic is finally online! *applaudes* I was starting to think that I was going to have to do a Skort Girl Jen day or something..Everyone go read!

12th April 2003

kittykatie7:52pm: Done.

11th April 2003

kittykatie11:49pm: Amm, not there yet
But I'm getting there. I did ink the comic and it looks good but I have another one I want to do first. Seeing how its really to late at night to do it right, comic will be up latter tomorrow. Thanks and good day.
kittykatie9:50pm: GM
Inking, I promiss, will get of computer and do. Just to lazy to find pen that works. This is the paper that takes my inking pen, that are now all over the house. Grr. Coast so much.

4th April 2003

solobutterfly4:52pm: Congratulations to me!
Finally found out how to add myself to the RPG_girls board! Go me! Just waiting for Katie-chan to get Krista's comic up! I'm sure it will be great! Right on!
Current Mood: grateful

2nd April 2003

kittykatie8:51pm: Comic Stuff
Sorry about no comic. I'm becoming a manger at my work and it takes a lot out of me. Like all my ideas or want or abilty to draw a comic. So, I will say that I am going to move the day they come out, now Fri-sat. Saturdays are my days off, so only time is friday night to do them. here is hoping this plan will wokr, I'm so behind. -_-

14th February 2003

tibek8:44pm: Enter: Meeee~!
^_^ Well, I'll just welcome myself to the RPG Girls community. :) Yay, me! ^_^ Heh.
Current Mood: anxious
kittykatie7:55pm: Happy Rote your teeth day
Yes, new comic. Not to good looking, will fix it latter. There are a whole bunch of gallery images. Also might but up some photos not sure. So there is my gift for everyone.
Current Mood: content
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